Do Butterflies Carry Spare Parts?



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Do Butterflies Carry Spare Parts?

He had everything going for him: excellent health, loving parents, a classic  home in a lovely neighborhood, the prospect of private schools in America and England like his brothers. But something went awry.

Malcolm changed. He was different. He had trouble climbing stairs, couldn’t catch a ball, nor ride a bike. His words tumbled out too fast to be understood. His temper matched his beautiful auburn hair.

This book recounts Malcolm’s determined journey to become the person he expected himself to be…and the miraculous developmental therapy he used to grow into a trim, buoyant teenager. Then in jarring succession, his ultimate fate overtook him and startling apparitions followed. Experience it all when you read Do Butterflies Carry Spare Parts? You will always remember Malcolm and his heroic mother who wrote this, his book.


By Sarah Bryce









$12.95 Paperback