Ol' Hook



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Ol' Hook

Ol’ Hook never did have much use for humans, coyotes, or horses. Coyotes killed his mother. Horses chased him. 

Humans took away his freedom, his only friend, and cut his off his horns.  So when they hauled him to a rodeo and made him a bucking bull, Ol’ Hook figured it time to get even.


The Ballad of Ol’ Hook is the story of a rodeo bull, a girl from east Texas who immortalizes him in song, and a wild young cowboy who must ride him at the moment when everything including his life hangs in the balance.


Author Tom Townsend has done it again; created characters we care about, and a story we don’t want to end.


By Tom Townsend

This isn't a true story, but it should be.

















$14.95 Paperback



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